About Veronica Garza

Veronica Garza earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Wesleyan School of Law. She did her undergraduate studies at Texas State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. Ms. Garza, a US citizen born in Mexico, to a Mexican mother and an American father, has experienced first-hand the complexities of the US immigration system and is always able to relate to her clients’ plight. 

Her passion for immigration law started in her law school years, when she was awarded a coveted fellowship that allowed her to spend an intensive summer immersed in the practice of immigration law. After graduation, Ms. Garza was hired by a large local nonprofit organization to be their immigration attorney on staff. Ms. Garza spent over six years being an essential piece in the development and growth of the immigration department at that agency. 

She started as the only attorney on staff working on waivers of inadmissibility, a craft that she developed to a point of expertise that has taken her to national conferences to teach on the subject, and to have some samples of her work published as a guide for newer practitioners. Ms. Garza developed a profound knowledge in all areas of immigration law including family based, humanitarian relief, citizenship, and removal defense. She handled many cases related to U visa, VAWA, and asylum. 

A bit more history

Ms. Garza headed a large local full service operation of services to clients seeking to benefit from DACA since its inception in the summer of 2012. Her thoroughness in preparing her court cases has earned her the appreciation and respect of the courts where she practices. Ms. Garza’s passion and devotion to her work took the small immigration program to flourish into a robust immigration department. She became the Senior Immigration Attorney, supervising three other attorneys, and five BIA accredited representatives.

She was involved in all major decisions and the development of systems that guaranteed that clients always received the best service and the most accurate information regarding the law and the status of their particular cases.

Now Ms. Garza has taken her passion of immigration law to her own practice, The Law Offices of Veronica Garza, PLLC, where she continues to provide help and guidance to individuals and families in need.

Memberships & Involvement


Ms. Garza mentors law students that work their pro bono hours under her tutelage. She is a gifted tutor and a patient teacher that is willing to work hard so all the students working with her gain real knowledge and practical skills. Many of them have found her great expertise, passion, and down to earth attitude so inspiring that they have turned their careers toward the practice of immigration law. She is a member of the Texas State Bar, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and she is on her sixth term as Chair of the International and Immigration Law Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association. She has provided countless presentations in all areas of immigration law, and has been part of immigration panels and discussions for the general public as well as in legal and academic settings. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, where she is involved in several community organizations and, she is an avid fitness enthusiast and distance runner.  

About Daniel Louis

Daniel Louis is a descendant of Lebanese immigrants who came to the U.S. through Ellis Island, New York in the early 20th century. He understands and appreciates that the opportunities he has been afforded in the United States are the result of the hard work and many sacrifices made by his Lebanese ancestors.      

Mr. Louis graduated from Texas A&M School of Law in May 2014. While in law school, he worked for a prominent immigration law firm in Fort  Worth. He also received a fellowship at a local nonprofit where he worked on family based and humanitarian immigration cases. Since receiving his law license in 2014, he has practiced primarily as an immigration attorney but also has extensive experience in family law, criminal defense, estate planning, and many civil matters.  

Before joining The Law Offices of Veronica Garza, PLLC, Mr. Louis worked for law firms in Fort Worth and Dallas representing indigent clients before the criminal court and in removal proceedings. He has represented clients in many different kinds of cases—from child custody suits,  to school disciplinary hearings, and even will drafting. He also worked for Catholic Charities in Houston, where he represented immigrant children in removal proceedings. He is passionate about offering every client the opportunity to remain united with their family in the United States. Mr. Louis wants to see his clients’ rights protected and is zealous in advocating for his clients in order to achieve this goal.